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Welcome to whiskitforabiscuit 🙂

My name is Gemma, and I was born and raised in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.  My life is largely based around food. Mainly sweet foods, such as macarons and other tasty treats alike.

From a very young age I always loved cooking and being in the kitchen. I’m not really sure where it came from, because unlike many other families, food was never a common interest amongst my family. My real passion for food emerged when Masterchef Australia began in 2009, and I just couldn’t stop watching. From the episode where Adriano Zumbo challenged the contestants to make the Beetroot and Olive Macaron Tower, that was it. I rushed straight off to the supermarket that night, and made my first batch of macarons. Although, I don’t think they were quite worthy of the word macaron – they looked more like flat, lumpy pancakes!

Over the years, I think my macarons have (very) slowly improved. When this blog was born, I wanted it to be only about macarons, but as I have discovered a world of new foods and recipes to try, it has morphed into an all-round dessert blog, which I really enjoy because sometimes, macarons can just be downright, fiddly, temperamental pains in the arse!

I hope you enjoy my photos, recipes and passion for food! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate contact me at info@whiskitforabiscuit.com – I love hearing from people 🙂

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Gemma x


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